Thursday, February 19, 2009

About SMiM

Step Mom 1 & 2 are somewhat new to the world of step parenting, and have found that camaraderie is key! We learn so much from one another and find sanity in the support of our friendship.

There is empowerment in numbers and so far, we are only 2. We know that there are other women out there in the wilds of Milwaukee who are in similar situations and we want to meet you! We're not here to simply ex bash and hate. Rather, we're hoping to meet like-minded women who are interested in sharing their stories and insight as we muddle through the Wisconsin court system, child support, alimony, court rules, drop off points and on/off weekends.

Interested in sharing stories, insight, guidance, and advice? We're happy to offer this blog as that outlet to share! We would also like to have monthly get togethers where we may have a cocktail, get a pedi, or relax with a coffee.

Feel free to email us with story ideas or items you would like covered. We're happy to have you guest post your story! stepmommiesinmilwaukee [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Also, join us on Twitter: Let us know your favorite resources to Tweet and we'll add them to the list!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The stories of Step Mom 1 & 2

Step Mom 1: Fell in love about a year ago. She loved the idea of meeting the kids (two from a previous marriage and one from a previous girlfriend) and couldn't be happier that they are in her life. There's Boy (12), Girl (11), and Lil' One (6).

She knows that her and the boyfriend are meant for one another, and that in the end, their love will trump all. But sometimes, just sometimes, it all feels very overwhelming and she turns to Step Mom 2 for advice and guidance.

Step Mom 2: Is so busy, she can hardly find the time to write anything!