Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Calgon, take me away!

Well, if the posting, or lack there of, on this site has illustrated anything to me, it's this: step life is hectic, tumultuous, and oh so busy! I have 3 calendars. A giant wall calendar, a pocket one (that I consistently forget to put in said pocket) and a kids school binder, complete with their school calendars, weekly highlights and activity notices. Whoah.

I'm sort of a homebody of sorts. I enjoy having things to do and places to go. But they used to pop into my mind an hour or so before an event, to which I would hustle, pull it together and get there on time. The other day, I couldn't find the phone that was pressed to my ear. A couple weeks ago, I tore my house apart for 30 minutes, seeking out the keys that were nestled in my purse.

I feel that the step life is a bit more difficult then nuclear family life. Married couples who live together first, have a home together, then bring children in, and learn their way through it together as they go have it made!

I've crash landed in the middle of lives that were churning away long before I showed up, have their own ideas of how things go and run, and are pretty well versed in the chaos of calendars, activities, cheer shoes, pack a lunch for the wrestling match, and the vital importance of always carrying tissues.
I'm holding my own, so far, but I now totally get where this lady is coming from:

Now THIS is how you get things done!

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